PLEASE NOTE: Very limited content is shown here as most gallery content has been transferred to the Members Area

Due to growing beyond the capabilities of WordPress, the almost all the content has been moved to a new platform in the new members’ area and, in most cases, only low-res trailers are available here.

The new galleries contain many thousands of shibari photos and over 220 videos featuring my work and that of many top kinbaku artists including Kinoko Hajime,  Nawashi Kanna, Naka Akira, Yukimura Haruki and Osada Steve, plus an unparalleled range of Japanese bondage tutorials. These galleries are provided as a resource for students and aficionados of Japanese bondage as an historic record of the development of the art through public performances, the media and private sessions and to allow technique to be studied in real situations. This follows the great tradition of apprentices learning their skills by ‘stealing knowledge’ by observing their sensei (tutor) at work. Full members can gain access here or you can join.

The galleries here are divided into video and photos, which can also be accessed via the appropriate tab on the galleries menu. They contain only a small cross section of the content.






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